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Hearing Evaluation & Consultation

Step into a world of improved hearing through our family practice hearing evaluation and consultation. Our expert audiologists use advanced assessments to understand you or your child’s unique needs, offering personalized recommendations and solutions for a more vibrant and connected life.

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Hearing Technology Fitting

Experience the perfect fit for you or your child’s hearing needs. Our dedicated team ensures precision and comfort, while providing the best hearing technology solutions to enhance you or your little one’s hearing.

For more information on hearing evaluation, consultation, and hearing aid fitting, check out our Audiology site.

Ear Wax Management & Removal

Clear the way for better hearing with our ear wax management and removal. Our team uses gentle techniques to keep things comfortable, so you or your child can enjoy clearer sound and healthy ears.

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Cochlear Implant Evaluation

Curious about cochlear implants for your child? Our evaluation process is a friendly and informative step towards exploring how this innovative technology can improve your child’s hearing.

Determining whether an infant is a cochlear implant candidate is crucial due to the critical period of language development within the first few years of life. The brain’s ability to acquire language skills is most receptive during this period. If a child has profound hearing loss and is a candidate for a cochlear implant, early intervention becomes paramount in providing access to sounds and speech. The earlier a cochlear implant is considered and implemented, the greater the potential for the child to develop speech and language skills on par with their hearing peers.

Timely access to auditory information through a cochlear implant can significantly impact the child’s ability to comprehend speech sounds, learn spoken language, and develop communication skills crucial for social, academic, and emotional development. Early intervention with a cochlear implant can bridge the gap in hearing ability, offering the child access to sound at a critical stage in their cognitive and linguistic development, thus maximizing their potential for successful communication and integration into a hearing world.

For more information on cochlear implant evaluation, check out our Audiology site.

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Auditory Brainstem Response Testing

Wondering about your baby’s hearing development? Our pediatric auditory brainstem response testing is a simple, informative way for parents to understand and support their baby’s auditory milestones, ensuring a solid foundation for their hearing journey.

What is ABR?

Babies hear their very first sounds around the 18th week of pregnancy. At Monkey Mouths, we want your baby to have the best access to sound, to decrease communication challenges and improve brain development. Hearing is not just about the cochlea — a small fluid filled organ of hearing with thousands of hair cells that are essential to hearing — it is also about the brain. A child’s brain development is dependent on many factors, including senses of touch, sight, taste, and smell, as well as movement, body awareness and hearing. If hearing loss goes undetected or untreated, it will significantly impact a child’s cognitive development and may result in processing and/or speech and language delays.

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Monkey Mouths Auditory Brainstem Response Testing (ABR)

An auditory brainstem response (ABR) evaluation is a safe, painless, and noninvasive test for babies that can measure how well each ear responds to sounds. During the test, small sensors are placed on the baby’s head, and gentle clicking sounds are played in their ears. The test measures how your baby’s hearing nerve and brain respond to these sounds, helping to identify any hearing issues as early as possible.

For more information on ABR, check out our Audiology site.

Pediatric Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT)

Does your child have hearing differences? Do you want him/her to learn to listen and talk? If so, then Auditory-Verbal Therapy (AVT) may be the right fit for your family. AVT is a listening and spoken language (LSL) approach that helps newborns, infants, toddlers, and young children develop speech and language skills through listening using their residual hearing in addition to consistent use of hearing aid(s) and/or cochlear implant(s).

Monkey Mouths, AVT

At Monkey Mouths, our auditory verbal therapists utilize a parent coaching therapy style to teach children who have hearing differences to listen and talk. We use a child’s residual hearing combined with amplification to stimulate the brain and grow listening skills. AVT is a parent centered approach in which the parent(s) and AV therapist work together during therapy sessions to develop goals, learn strategies, and ask/answer questions so that the child can develop listening skills and intelligible spoken language like typical hearing peers.

To learn more about AVT, check out our Audiology site.

Adult Aural Rehab

Adult aural rehabilitation conducted by a speech pathologist involves a personalized and multifaceted approach aimed at optimizing communication and coping strategies for individuals with hearing loss. Through tailored therapy sessions, these professionals help adults enhance their listening skills, speech comprehension, and speech production.

To learn more about Adult Aural Rehab, check out our Audiology site.

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