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Medical & Motor Feeding.

Monkey Mouths Medical & Motor Feeding

Medical Feeding

Feeding and swallowing disorders–also called dysphagia—can impact your child’s ability to eat and drink safely. Dysphagia can increase your child’s risk of certain health problems such as pneumonia, malnutrition, weight loss, and dehydration. At Monkey Mouths, our team of experienced feeding therapists are equipped to:

1. Evaluate your child’s specific feeding and swallowing skills and needs.

2. Develop an individualized intervention plan for your child and your family.

3. Teach the essential skills and strategies needed for safe feeding and swallowing.

Monkey Mouths Feeding Therapy

Symptoms for evaluation

If your child exhibits any of the following symptoms an evaluation by one of our experienced feeding therapists would be beneficial:

Causes of Feeding difficulties

At Monkey Mouths, our team of feeding therapists can evaluate all aspects of your child’s swallow. They will work with you, and your medical team, to problem-solve causes and provide treatment options to help your child be a safe and confident eater.

Although the cause of feeding difficulties is not always known common etiologies include:

Tube Feeding

At Monkey Mouths, our feeding therapists have training and knowledge in tube feeding and can help you navigate the process of introducing oral feeds, tube feeding schedules, tube weaning, and other questions that you may have. 

We will work closely with your medical team to ensure that your child is maintaining optimal nutrition while optimizing hunger cues to ensure the highest success with transitioning to oral feeds. Whether your child is working to safely consume tiny amounts of food and/or liquid to improve quality of life or you desire for your child to fully wean from tube feedings we will partner with you to meet your family’s goals.

Staff Training.

Monkey Mouths Medical & Motor Feeding
Monkey Mouths Medical & Motor Feeding
Monkey Mouths Medical & Motor Feeding
Monkey Mouths Medical & Motor Feeding


“My son is almost 10 years old. Due to the medical conditions he was born with, he has never eaten ANYTHING by mouth, even though he has had surgery to enable him to eat. We have been seeing a WONDERFUL therapist at Monkey Mouths for about a year. My son has not always been very cooperative, but in the last 2 weeks we have seen MAJOR BREAKTHROUGHS!!! He is actually PUTTING certain foods into his mouth, under supervision, of course. We could not be more pleased and excited!!!”

– Marsha Brenholtz