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Feeding Therapy

Our Approach.

Monkey Mouths Medical & Motor Feeding

Successful Feeding therapy

At Monkey Mouths, we believe that successful feeding therapy requires a thorough and thoughtful evaluation by a speech pathologist or occupational therapist with extensive training in feeding and swallowing.

Monkey Mouths Feeding Therapy

Our Approach.

Step 1

We review your child’s medical history and probe for any further concerns or necessary medical referrals.

Step 2

We evaluate your child’s feeding and swallowing for safety and efficiency.

Step 3

We assess your child’s feeding skills against typical developmental feeding milestones.

Step 4

We analyze oral-motor skills during feeding and non-feeding activities.

Step 5

We review your child’s current diet for sensory and motor concerns as well as nutritional deficiencies.

Step 6

We both question and probe for potential behavioral components.

develop a plan

In short, we observe and analyze all components of feeding and swallowing to determine what specific areas of feeding are affecting your child’s feeding success. 

Next, we develop a feeding plan for your child and your family.

Monkey Mouths Specialized Approach to Feeding and Swallowing Evaluations:

Monkey Mouths - Our Approach to Feeding Therapy