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Sarah Breitigam, M.S., SLP Intern

Fort Worth Office

Sarah Breitigam, M.S., SLP-Intern

Speech-Language Pathologist Intern

Team Member Bio

I’m Sarah Breitigam, M.S., SLP Intern, and I joined Monkey Mouths in 2024 as a speech-language pathologist. I earned my undergraduate degree from Baylor University and my master’s degree from The University of Texas at Dallas. Prior to Monkey Mouths, I worked in pediatric hospital, home health, school, and university clinic settings.

During my therapy sessions, I strive to establish an encouraging and fun environment for both the patient and their family. I firmly believe that every child is unique and deserves treatment that is individualized to their personal needs. My passion as an SLP lies in educating caregivers and parents with knowledge and strategies that can be carried over outside the therapy room!

In my free time, I enjoy walking the Katy Trail, trying new restaurants, and spending time with friends and family!