The Sound Card System: Cueing Children for Success


No CEUs available at this time.  Once you purchase the Sound Card System training, you will receive:

1.  A link to the private youtube video with 90 days of access

2.  A manual including black and white sound cards that are reproducible will be mailed

3.  33 Sound Card System Cards; all consonants and vowels

The Sound Card System:  Cueing Children for Success is a 3.5 hour online training video that teaches the use of the Sound Card System from Start to finish.

Erin Bernett M.S., CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist and owner of Monkey Mouths, LLC with clinics in Hurst, Fort Worth and Coppell.  Erin has been practicing as a speech pathologist for 20 years–with the last 17 years of her career dedicated to the advancement of treatment for children with Down syndrome, apraxia and autism.  Erin’s post-graduate training includes:  P.R.O.M.P.T. therapy, Talk Tools Oral Placement Therapy, Beckman Oral-Motor Therapy, Kaufman Apraxia Training, Myofascial Release, Oral Myofunctional Therapy, Visualizing and Verbalizing by Lindamood Bell, Socal Thinking by Michelle Garcia-Winner, S.O.S Feeding Therapy, Lori Overland Feeding Therapy, Pediatric Vital Stim therapy, CAN-EAT feeding approach, Picture Exchange Communication System, Applied Behavior Analysis with Vincent Carbone, the Floortime Model, and more.  Erin believes that a well-rounded therapist is the key to a successful treatment plan for a child with developmental differences.

2.  Program description and overall goal (why this course is needed and how it will address the need)

The Sound Card System is a visual/kinesthetic/auditory cue system for teaching motor planning of consonants and vowels in words.  This cue system is simple and systematic and can easily be taught by an SLP to parents for easy carry-over into the child’s home program.  Many children with Down syndrome stuggle with motor planning in speech and in reading activities.  The Sound Card System teaches  sounds at the simplest form, moves them into syllables and eventually into multi-syllable words.

3. Educational objectives

As a result of this presentation the participant will be able to:

(1)  Describe why children learn best with a multi-sensory approach to motor-planning of sounds in words.

(2)  Cue all consonants and vowels by name of sound and hand cue

(3)  Describe the developmental steps in sound acquisition.

no CEUs offered at this time

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