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Monkey Mouths Receptive & Expressive Language

Delayed Language Development

Is your child struggling to follow instructions or communicate in proper sentences? These are some of the common symptoms of early language deficits. Language is a fundamental means of communication and is the foundation of human interaction and socialization. Laying the foundation for language development is a complex process that takes place from infancy to early childhood. 

At Monkey Mouths, we use Receptive and Expressive Language treatment as a form of speech therapy that focuses on enhancing your child’s ability to understand and use language efficiently.

Monkey Mouths Receptive & Expressive Language

is your child a Late Talker?

A late talker refers to a child who has a delay in their speech and language development compared to their peers. 

Typically, late talkers have difficulty:

Late talking can be a temporary delay or may indicate a more persistent language disorder. It is important for parents to monitor their child’s language development and consult with a pediatrician, early childhood intervention, or a speech pathologist at Monkey Mouths if they have concerns about their child’s speech and language development.

Early intervention is key in addressing speech and language delays to support your child’s overall communication development.

Two Language Treatments.

Receptive Language Treatment

At Monkey Mouths, our receptive language treatment is designed to help children improve their ability to understand spoken and written language.

Monkey Mouths’ team of speech pathologists will create customized activities to help your child focus on tasks such as following directions, answering questions, understanding vocabulary and concepts, and improving listening skills. During the therapy sessions, we use various strategies like visual aids, gestures, and other tools to enhance comprehension.

Expressive Language Treatment

Monkey Mouths provides expressive language treatment with the goal of enhancing a child’s ability to express themselves using spoken or written language.

Our team of skilled speech pathologists engage children in various activities, such as practicing conversation skills, learning and using new vocabulary, improving sentence structure and grammar, and developing storytelling abilities. Our therapists employ techniques such as role-playing, storytelling, writing exercises, and other proven methodologies to encourage expressive language development.

Play-Based Teaching Approach

At Monkey Mouths, we offer receptive and expressive language therapy to support children of all ages. Our therapy for early language deficits uses a play-based teaching approach to teach children nouns, verbs, and describing words through planned play-based experiences. The reasoning behind play-based learning is to hold young children’s attention while providing positive reinforcement for continued development. Our therapists pick specific toys, songs, and books with the concepts needed to help your child reach their goals.

Monkey Mouths Speech Therapy
Monkey Mouths, Bilingual Speech Therapy

At the early elementary level, receptive and expressive Language therapy involves play-based activities along with more structured tasks. These structured tasks include books, coloring, pretend play, crafts, and games targeting more specific language goals. Throughout therapy at Monkey Mouths, children will receive more specific verbal feedback and corrections that increase their awareness and understanding of the targeted concepts and therapy goals.

Gestalt Language Processing and Acquisition Approach

Gestalt Language Processing and Acquisition is a form of language development that progresses children starting to communicate by producing and repeating words and phrases. Over time, these children move through stages of language development, where they learn to mix and match phrases and, eventually, words to produce novel sentences. Therapy for gestalt language processors starts with adding to their functional communication skills and supporting their ability to understand grammatical rules that will allow them to build novel sentences for communication.

Monkey Mouths Receptive & Expressive Language

Schedule An Evaluation.

If you are concerned your child is delayed in language development, contact Monkey Mouths’ dedicated team of speech pathologists to schedule an evaluation today. With receptive and expressive Language treatment, we will work to enhance your child’s ability to understand and use language effectively in both social and academic settings.