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Sensory Feeding.

Monkey Mouths Feeding Therapy

Do You have A Picky eater?

Sensory feeding disorders impact a child’s ability to eat an age-appropriate diet which can impact their overall health. These children are often labeled as ‘picky eaters,’ which can place an excess of stress on the family dynamic. The cause of picky eating may vary from child to child; however, it often results from medical concerns, delayed feeding skills, past trauma, or other negative food experiences.

Monkey Mouths Feeding Therapy

Symptoms for evaluation

If your child exhibits 1 or more of following symptoms, an evaluation by one of our experienced feeding therapists would be beneficial:

from picky to happy eaters

At Monkey Mouths, our speech pathologists and occupational therapists trained in sensory feeding can help support and provide you with the tools to make mealtimes a calm and pleasant experience within your home. Our experienced therapists will use a family-centered approach to help your child explore and learn about new and different foods. We use a sensory, trust-based approach to help your child grow into a confident and happy eater.

At Monkey Mouths, we have qualified speech pathologists and occupational therapist trained in sensory feeding programs and treatment modalities including:

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If your child has been diagnosed with ARFID (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder) our feeding therapists can partner with you, and their medical team, to help your child navigate and learn how to process all the sensory input from food such as smells, touch, sight, etc. We can provide you with the tools to use at home to provide a supportive environment to help your child thrive with eating.

Monkey Mouths Sensory Feeding

Common Symptoms of arfid

If your child does not already have a diagnosis of ARFID, and you suspect they might, our skilled feeding therapists can complete a screening for ARFID during a feeding evaluation. We can then share that information with their pediatrician or psychologist to aid in the diagnostic process.

Collaborative Care

Monkey Mouths is devoted to working in partnership with every member of your child’s medical team. We understand that raising children takes a village and collaboration is essential. We work closely with other professionals such as pediatricians, lactation consultants, dentists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, GI doctors, and other professionals to ensure your child receives the most comprehensive and effective care.