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Occupational Therapy Services.

Monkey Mouths provides fun, professional and comprehensive occupational services tailored to your child’s individual needs.

Monkey Mouths Speech Therapy

Sensory Integration & Regulation Strategies

Sensory Integration at Monkey Mouths involves understanding and managing the eight sensory systems, enhancing perception, behavior, and interaction. Our OTs provide targeted therapy, environmental adjustments, sensory diets, social skills training, and holistic collaboration for optimal outcomes.

Monkey Mouths Sensory Integration & Regulation Strategies
Monkey Mouths Sensory Integration & Regulation Strategies

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills, crucial for activities like walking and playing, are addressed by Monkey Mouths therapists. Fine Motor Skills, vital for writing and self-care, are also evaluated and treated for optimal development.

Daily Living Skills

Monkey Mouths OTs support children in developing Daily Living Skills, including ADLs and IADLs. Challenges in areas like dressing, feeding, and safety awareness are addressed through tailored, fun, and functional sessions.

Monkey Mouths Daily Living Skills
Monkey Mouths Handwriting


Monkey Mouths OTs address handwriting challenges comprehensively. Evaluations cover upper body strength, fine motor skills, visual perception, and sensory processing, using tools like the Print Tool. Treatment, including Handwriting Without Tears program, aims for mastery through multisensory experiences.

Visual Perceptual & Motor Skills

At Monkey Mouths, our interdisciplinary team enhances children’s visual perceptual and motor skills. We address vital aspects like perception, attention, spatial awareness, closure, discrimination, memory, and sequential memory. If your child faces challenges, our committed therapists are ready for an evaluation to foster a foundation for lifelong learning.

Monkey Mouths Fine & Gross Motor Skills
Monkey Mouths Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic Floor Therapy

At Monkey Mouths, we offer pelvic floor therapy to address bowel and bladder dysfunctions in children. Our occupational therapists use techniques like muscle examination, retraining, biofeedback, and education for effective results.

Reflex Integration

At Monkey Mouths, our occupational therapists use Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration® (MNRI) to address reflex patterns. This technique facilitates sensory processing, motor rehabilitation, emotional recovery, and developmental enrichment. Signs your child may benefit include delayed milestones, coordination issues, sensory sensitivities, and more.

Monkey Mouths Reflex Integration