Therapies & Programs

Monkey Mouths’ therapists are experts in their respective fields, helping patients and families reach their goals. We are problem-solvers, developing individualized plans and using specialized treatment techniques for each child’s particular needs. Care is in our DNA: we work proactively to meet progress goals and further your child’s development.

All of our clinical staff are Masters-level therapists and are dedicated to continual learning and education. Monkey Mouths invests in our therapists and in our facilities to ensure we provide the best care to our patients, and we are proud of our clinics that feel like home for the families we serve.

Pediatric speech therapy at Monkey Mouths

Our pediatric therapy specializations:

Apraxia of Speech
Articulation Disorders
Augmentative Communication
Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Down Syndrome
Expressive Language Challenges
Feeding Disorders
Picky Eaters
Hearing Differences
Reading Disorders
Noise Sensitivity/Processing Disorders
Oral Motor Disorders
Receptive Language Disorders
Sensory Integration Disorders (as related to Speech and Language Development) Velo-Pharyngeal Insufficiency
Voice Disorders
Vocal Cord Dysfunction/Continuous Cough (often misdiagnosed as asthma)
Fluency Disorders (Stuttering)
Pragmatic/Social Language Disorders

New to Monkey Mouths?

1. Call us at (817) 479-7019 to schedule an evaluation, where a therapist determines whether your child would benefit from therapy.

2. Moving forward, the first therapy appointment is scheduled, and 3- and 6-month goals are set for your child. We discuss progress and goals together, and your family is integrated along every step of the therapy journey.



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Sound Card System (SCS) and Monkey U

Sound Card Systems logo
Marty Monkey U

Our therapists develop programs and innovations around pediatric therapies that stimulate growth and progress — and improve patients’ lives. Our therapists use an innovative approach to therapy and we are entrepreneurial in our work: the Sound Card System (SCS) and Monkey U are proprietary programs created by Monkey Mouths.

Curious if Monkey Mouths is the right fit for your child’s needs?