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Monkey Mouths Visual Perception & Motor Skills

Visual perception & Motor skills

At Monkey Mouths, our occupational therapists and speech pathologists find creative techniques that strengthen every aspect of your child’s ability—including visual perception and motors skills. Our team focuses on addressing the visual skills that are embedded into your child’s daily activities. Our intervention process at Monkey Mouths is built on the foundation of experience, scholarly evidence, and progressive knowledge that our therapists have gained both in school and in practice. This translates into fun-filled interventions that target the enhancement of your child’s ability to learn and grow independently. Visual motors skills help your child take in and process visual information that results in the performance of a desired motor response.

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Visual Motor Skills.

Our occupational therapy and speech therapy sessions will address components of visual motor skills such as:

Visual Perception

This is visual acknowledgement and cognitive registration of the things your eyes see. This skill is the foundation that interprets the many functions of our eyes.

Visual Attention

The ability of our eyes to focus on a desired stimulus despite auditory or visual distractions for a sustained amount of time is necessary to complete tasks. We use these skills for activities such as maintaining eye contact during conversations, driving, grooming, eating, and leisure tasks like reading or playing.

Sequential Memory

This is the ability to remember not only what you saw, but also the order you saw it in. This is a skill that helps us remember valuable information like the spelling of a name, a specific order of a pattern, a phone number, or directions to a location.

Spatial Awareness

This is an important skill to help us navigate our everyday environments in a safe manner. Information that our eyes take in from our physical surroundings can help our body plan motor movements, coordination, and navigation of uneven surfaces.

Visual Closure

This is a skill that helps your child identify and visualize a full image even when portions are missing. This is helpful in developing critical-thinking skills, comprehension, motor planning skills, social participation skills, literacy skills, and coordination skills that are used in daily activities like puzzles, responding to peers or siblings appropriately, and finishing patterns.

Visual Discrimination

We help your child use their eyes to identify unique characteristics and categories that distinguish one item apart from another such as shapes, colors, and sizes. This is helpful for fundamental learning, organization, expressive language and safety. This skill helps us process and interpret the meanings behind elements within the community such as yellow warning signs, restaurant symbols and logos, or the different letters used on written information.

Visual Memory

We help your child excel past basic memory of what they have seen and facilitate building skills that are helpful in imitating movements, learning new skills after watching them, and playing with their peers. Visual memory helps us retrieve information that we have seen in the past and connect it to a response such as spelling, handwriting, interpreting facial expressions, perceiving social cues, drawing, remembering recipes, and shopping.

Together, these skills help your child navigate through the community, connect with others, learn, and build confidence in independence.

Our goal for your child

We want to foster a reality of endless possibilities by collaborating with families and empowering children for success. Together, we will journey in the development of these areas to help children engage in their daily activities with kindness, confidence, and a smile. We practice skills today so that we can find progressive solutions for tomorrow. No matter what challenges you may be facing, our team is dedicated to applying our expertise so that we can unlock the full potential of progress.

Monkey Mouths Visual Perception & Motor Skills
Monkey Mouths Visual Perception & Motor Skills

If you notice that your child is experiencing challenges in any of these areas, our team of dedicated occupational therapists are standing by for an evaluation. We want to love others well by establishing strong foundational skills for lifelong learning in a fun and safe environment.